How to Play Roulette and Win? Tips and Tricks

Play Roulette and Win

How to Actually Win At Roulette?

Roulette is one of the most popular forms of casino gaming today. Millions of players bet on roulette, and they want to know what they can do to maximize their wins. Therefore, we decided to make a little guide which would aid roulette lovers to understand this game somewhat better and improve the odds in their favor.

Understand The “Small Wheel”

The English translation of the French word “roulette” is “the small wheel.” So, the small wheel has 38 numbers and one (or two) zeros. The numbers are shuffled randomly, and the fields are colored in black and red.

The person in charge of the wheel and the roulette table is called a Croupier. He spins the wheel, tosses the little white ball onto it and manages the money bets. Next, adjacent the wheel, there’s a table with many boxes outlined on the surface representing the different numbers on the wheel. This time, the numbers are in perfect order, and the players bet on various numbers by dragging chips over these boxes.

Winning Roulette Tips

There are various betting strategies in roulette (the most famous is the so-called Martingale strategy), but none of them proved to be helpful. That’s why we thought it would be useful to list some tried-and-tested methods and advice to your benefit, and then, in short, discuss some of these betting strategies.

1. Play European roulette only

I would say this is the ultimate advice someone can give you regarding this game. Playing American roulette significantly increases the house edge because it has two zeros (instead of one). Besides, the European version has some other beneficial features for players, such as “la partage” — a feature that saves half of your bet in case you get a zero. Also, payouts are the same for both versions, so there’s really no reason to waste time and money with the American one.

2. Bet on many numbers

Betting on several numbers significantly raises your chances. This is a universal gambling rule for those who prefer more frequent wins over winning big on occasion. So, if your bankroll allows it, do try to put smaller real money wagers on as many numbers as possible. With such tactics, the invested money should eventually come back to you in no time.

3. Use “en prison” option

This is another beneficial feature of European roulette, as it allows you to transfer your bet to the next round in case you get a zero. Basically, this option gives you a second chance, which is something incredibly rare in life, let alone gambling. So, go on and accept the gifts of life!

4. Keep an eye on the bankroll

Casino games are fun, but the overload of thrill can sometimes be quite overwhelming, and make you forget about yourself and your bankroll. Do not let this happen, because it is extremely hard to bring back the money you lost gambling; especially the one you need for important purposes, such as bills and rent. Never spend other people’s money (borrowed, for example) and the one you need for anything other than entertainment.

5. The casino always stays ahead

Gambling is sometimes profitable for players, but it is always profitable for the casino. These people would be out of a business if it weren’t bringing in hefty returns for them. This isn’t to discourage you, on the contrary — many players take pleasure in beating a stronger opponent. Essentially, just have this in mind and try to understand that it is impossible to win all the time. Therefore, if you get into a losing streak, you should withdraw and come some other time. Continuing to play in such a situation is potentially dangerous.

6. Online casinos are your friends

It is a lot easier to win at roulette if you play online. It is so for most of the other games as well, because online casinos are an industry on the rise, and they want to attract more people. Thus, the best moment to try online gambling is now.

Still, people tend to think that online gambling is amenable to cheating, but this is a common misconception. Actually, it is the exact opposite. Conduct some thorough research on the way any online gambling software functions, and you will see it for yourself. The principle behind the majority of modern gambling software is the Random Number Generator (RNG). It is an algorithm which determines the outcome of your game. It does so by creating thousands of random number sequences each second, and every sequence carries the information on the outcome. At the moment you press the “play” button, you choose one of those sequences and therefore decide on the final result.

Finally, there are plenty of online sites whose only job is to review online casinos in order to help players find a reliable place to play at. These so-called “watchdog” sites have a review of almost any online casino you could think of. So, it is wise to check these sites for a review of a place before you make an account and trust them with your money.

Is There An Efficient Roulette Strategy?

All roulette strategies are merely recommendations on roulette betting. None of them significantly increases your odds of winning. If you do some research, you will find many: Martingale and Grand Martingale, Labouchere, D’Alembert, Fibonacci, etc. Most of these strategies will only advise you on the size of wagers you should bet, or the particular numbers you should choose. Therefore, none of these actions really increases your odds; instead, they help you have more fun while playing. Moreover, many casinos are aware that some players might apply one of these strategies — hence why they often set maximum and minimum bets.

However, there is one which might be helpful, but only if you had an A in maths and you like reading Einstein’s early works in your spare time. The Doyne Farmer strategy has proven to be helpful, but the Chaos Theory lies at the base of this theory. Those who master this theory might be able to predict where the ball would land next.

The Colorful Spinning Wheel

Gambling is playing with chance and no betting system can outmaneuver Lady Luck. All you can do is gamble responsibly and follow our tips, or consider playing roulette online. Besides, where would be the excitement if we knew the outcome of every game? Enjoy playing, enjoy life and — good luck!

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